About Our Racing School

The Dale Jarrett Racing School is a racing school that offers ordinary racing fans the opportunity to find out what it’s like to race an authentic racecar on a major racetrack. Our racing “school come from all over the country to enjoy a life-defining experience. They receive vital training from top racing instructors, wear real racing suits and safety gear, and climb into the seat of a racecar that was once driven by one of the racing greats. Guided by hand signals from the instructor in the seat next to them, racing school learn how to race just like the pros. We surpass the usual “follow-the-leader” approach to racing and teach our guests how to race like a real NASCAR driver does, finding their own line, drafting, and passing, for optimum fun. A 100% safety record and the endorsements of numerous people that have had the experience testify to the excitement, the safety, and the unforgettable thrill of our racing school.

Testimonials from Participants

The Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure began in 1998. It was designed as a way of extending the thrill that CEO Tim Shannon felt after his first race to as many people as possible. Tim had never enjoyed anything as much or experienced a bigger thrill, and that’s saying a lot, because he had walked on fire, jumped out of an airplane, and had other high-risk escapades. When he climbed out of the racecar that first time feeling “like a kid again”, though, he was blown away.

Convinced that everyone should have the opportunity to get the same feeling, he approached Dale and Ned Jarrett with the concept of creating a racing school for other racing fans. The idea was so intriguing that it also attracted the interest of NASCAR driver Joe Nemechek and Brett Farve, and the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure was born. Tim went public to raise the $1 million needed to get started, and that kicked off the development of the company. The Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure started with one track at Rockingham, and since then it has been to 50 tracks and entertained 50,000 guests. Dale Jarrett remains closely involved with the workings of the company, and Ned, Jason, and Christina Jarrett work with us.

The authentic racecars we use have been added a few at a time from different tracks, some purchased by Dale from various teams. We started with five racecars, and Joe Nemechek and Jason Jarrett added several more. We now have 20 racecars and a full complement of full-time and part-time mechanics to maintain them.

Our Vision for the Future

We are moving toward racing 100 days each year at each of our tracks, and eventually we will own our own tracks. That will allow us to open up many more slots for guests that would like to come and race with us, as well as distributing the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure geographically so that there are more racing slots in a particular city every year than we offer now.