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I want to personally welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure. If you already own Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure stock, thank you for your support.

In the 16 years since Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure started providing the public with the adventure of a lifetime, we have become the industry leader in quality, customer service and innovation. During that time, our revenues have increased from around $625k in our first year to over $2.5 million today.

We have entertained over 75,000 customers in addition to more Fortune 500 companies than I have room to mention here. At the same time as we were establishing ourselves as industry leaders, we also set ourselves apart from most "nano-cap" companies on the stock market through our commitment and our staying power, assuring the market that Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure is here to stay.

Early in our life as a developing company, we successfully navigated the economic crisis created by first the collapse of the dot-com bubble, and then by the events of Sept 11, 2001. More recently, we have managed to not only survive but grow during one of the worst recessions in recent history. We feel the "can do" spirit that results in this kind of stability not only reduces the risk traditionally associated with penny stocks, it also justifies the long term attitude of most of our shareholders.

Our commitment to innovation has not been limited to our core business either. The same drive that created the absolute best product available anywhere in our industry, also drives the development of new adventures along with other opportunities to capitalize on the Dale Jarrett brand. Still, our desire to expand exponentially never distracts us from our focus on organically growing our core business. As Dale is quick to remind us, winning a race requires pushing the limits but not to the point of hitting the wall.

As we move into the future, our continuing promise to our shareholders is simple:

  1. We will diligently work every day to increase the profitability and value of your company and thus your shares. Remember, Dale, Ned and Glenn are significant shareholders and only gain if the share price increases so we're all working toward the same goal.
  2. We will treat our stock, and yours, as precious and avoid unnecessary dilution of that stock
  3. We will continue to resist the temptation to divert excessive capital, that could be used for growth, into short term stock promotions that only provide temporary gain. Instead we will focus on true growth that will result in sustained increases in share price.

Dale, Ned and Glenn Jarrett remain active participants in the management of Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure and provide us with invaluable support through their sound business judgment and the many connections and relationships they have developed over the past 60 years of active involvement with the auto racing industry and its sponsors. Together we will see our return to profitability this year and look forward to announcing new developments that will further justify your decision to add Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure to the speculative side of your investment portfolio.

I am available to speak to you if you have any questions or productive suggestions anytime, just call me at (888)467-2231.

Tim B. Shannon
Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure

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