Our Racing Experiences

We offer a variety of racing experiences from a 3-lap Ride to an 80-lap Drive. Any size racing experience will be amazing, but your speed may differ depending on the the number of laps you choose. The more laps you race, the more comfortable you will become with your racecar and the faster you're able to go, so your last lap is typically your fastest.

Talladega Race Track
3-lap Ridemore info» $225
6-lap Drivemore info» $455
10-lap Drivemore info» $800
20-lap Drivemore info» $1,490
40-lap Drivemore info» $2,640
60-lap Drivemore info» $3,790
Other Racetracks

Las Vegas, Charlotte, Kentucky, Atlanta, Bristol, Phoenix, Homestead Miami, Chicagoland, Texas

3-lap Ridemore info» $225
8-lap Drivemore info» $455
18-lap Drivemore info» $1,030
28-lap Drivemore info» $1,490
60-lap Drivemore info» $2,870
80-lap Drivemore info» $3,790

Gift Certificates

Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure gift certificates are a great way to give a truly unique gift to the special person in your life. With a variety of stock car driving school packages to choose from, your friend, boss or family member can choose the package that makes his or her own racing dream come true. Whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Father's Day or any other special occasion, this is the kind of gift people talk about for years to come, and women often thank us for giving their husbands a new story to tell. Even a last-minute gift can be the biggest thrill of someone's life if it includes a day with us on one of our legendary racetracks. To give a life-changing experience that will leave your guest with a smile that lasts for months, enter the amount and quantity below and click "order now."

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Custom Racing Experience

Our customer service representatives can help you put together the perfect Corporate Outing.
For more information call 1-888-Go-Race-1 (1-888-467-2231).