Safety: Our Number One Priority

Our top priority at every Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure is you - your excitement, your comfort, and above all, your safety. We have a 100% safety record! Every precaution has been taken to ensure that your day at the racetrack is a safe, exciting adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

“…my in-car instructor kept me under his control, yet he allowed me to drive fast enough to enjoy the experience. His help on-track made those ten laps safe and exciting, and I could see that he sincerely wanted to make sure I was enjoying the drive…”

Carter Hunt

Safe Racecars

The genuine Sprint/Nationwide series racecar you’ll be driving or riding in is regularly maintained for optimum safety and peak performance. In addition, we buy cars from different-sized drivers such as Michel Waltrip who is 6'5", Carl Edwards 6'1" and Mark Martin 5'6". This allows us to accommodate drivers from those 5’ tall and 100 pounds on up to 7’ tall and as high as 350 pounds. Our seating accommodations are therefore sized appropriately for each driver, increasing the safety quotient. The only additional requirement for our larger drivers is that they must be able to fit through the window and comfortably behind the steering wheel of the racecar.

Safety Devices

Our racecars have roll cages for protection in the event of an impact. Roll cages have the added advantage of stiffening the chassis to make the suspension more predictable. Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure racecars also feature 5-point restraint systems that keep you safely strapped in to prevent injury. We have taken the extra precaution of adding the Hans Device head-and-neck restraints, the only one approved by NASCAR. Our Tri-Star racing suits are fire-retardant, tested, and rated for safety, and our Bell helmets offer full-face protection.

Expert Instruction

Before you even get behind the wheel of the racecar, you’ll receive instructional training to acquaint you with the racecar, the safety precautions to follow, and the proper groove of the racetrack, as well as the techniques for passing and drafting the other cars on the Superspeedway. This preparation will equip you with the knowledge you need to make the most of your Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure.

Instructor Onboard

You’ll be accompanied on your drive by a seasoned professional racing school instructor who will guide you through your maneuvers and make sure that your ride is safe and unforgettable.

Safe Racetracks

The Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure takes place at many top NASCAR racetracks around the country. NASCAR racetracks are designed to provide maximum safety at high speeds. These racetracks include such features as the innovative Restrictive Air Controls Energy (R.A.C.E.) Wall impact barriers that absorb the force of any impact.

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