Corporate Events & Team Building Events

DJRA provides everything you and your corporation need for an unforgettable corporate eventCompanies today are looking for a way to increase team-building and collaboration within their organizations, as well as providing their employees some fun and excitement away from the pressures of daily business.  Dale Jarrett offers a variety of options for team building events that you can choose from to create the right events for your organization.  For building teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving skills - or just for fun - a pit crew challenge is an excellent option.  Your group will learn how to service a racecar’s pit stop, and different teams can compete against each other to do it the fastest.  In a pit stop, seconds count, so a pit crew must become like a well-oiled machine.  Your teams can learn to operate the same way, and when they return to your organization, they will carry back a spirit of cooperation and a new understanding of how teams are meant to work.

Scheduling a Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure for your group is another way of making a lasting impact on them.  When they experience the thrill of driving side-by-side and bonding with their coworkers at 170 mph, they will never look at each other the same way again.  For more of a game atmosphere, you can have your group race on simulators, competing against celebrities like Dale or Jason Jarrett.  This is intense gaming and a lot of fun, and your people will never forget the outing.  While other companies are trying to improve employee morale with new desk calendars, you’ll be uniting your team into a highly motivated and closely knit crew and giving them the experience of their lives at the same time.

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Full Day Adventure
Up to 100 drivers - 1,000 laps

1/2 Day Adventure
Up to 50 drivers - 500 laps

Custom Group Package
We can accommodate any size event you require.